SUCCESS is a program that helps individuals & families restore their sense of self-respect, hope, and reclaim their dreams of a better life. SUCCESS is a family development program that promotes self-reliance and a healthy interdependence with the rest of the community (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, social, educational, spiritual, and medical providers). This in turn promotes an increased feeling of self-worth. SUCCESS is very unique in that it is based upon the individual and/or family. It is an investment in your future.
How does SUCCESS work?
This program is based on the needs and wants of the household. Individuals and families establish a partnership with a Family Development Worker who will assist in developing goals that will help them become self-reliant. A written Family Development Plan will be created that identifies and builds upon a family’s strengths in order to pursue and accomplish the goals set by the family. We generally work with three short-term goals at a time. Short-term goals are goals that can be accomplished within a six month period. Long-term goals, goals that will take over six months, are encouraged and can be broken down into several short-term goals.
Examples of short-term goals (accomplished within six months)
could be but are not limited to:
¨ Obtain a part-time job
¨ Obtain a full-time job
¨ Pay off a debt
¨ Obtain a GED certificate
¨ Attend college
Examples of long-term goals (accomplished outside of six months)
¨ Purchase a home
¨ Earn a college degree
¨ Buy a vehicle
¨ Pay off a loan
These are just generic examples that have been popular with past participants.
SUCCESS participants have the opportunity to attend monthly seminars. Seminars cover a wide range of interesting topics and provide learning experiences in a fun and informal environment. Participants are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas, and when funding is available are provided a cash incentive that is paid directly to their electric provider.

Ozark Opportunites, Inc. is proud to be a partner with the United Way (Boone County Division).  For more info on this fine organization please click on thier logo.

Are you a SUCCESS candidate?

· Do you want to become Self-Reliant?
· Are you willing to participate in educational seminars geared to teach and encourage self-reliance?
· Do you meet income guidelines?
· Are you willing to change?
· Are you ready to invest the time and dedication needed to make these changes?
If your answer is YES then we encourage you to apply!
How do you apply for SUCCESS?
If you are interested in participating in this unique, life changing program contact your local outreach office or fill out the Online Application at the top of this page. You will be put  in contact with a Family Development Worker who will help you develop your personal plan for SUCCESS!